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Age: 30 Height: 5'3"
SW: 163 & 33% body fat (06/20/11)
CW: 140 & 19% body fat (02/26/13)
GW: 130 lbs & 13% body fat

Journal Entry

Hey all, so I’ve been back on track and actually training a couple other people now. It’s been awesome. I’m finding that helping others get started on their goals has actually been more motivating than just thinking about my own goals.

This last week I turned 30 years old, that was a huge motivation for me too. I really don’t care about getting older, I’ve never feared it at all. You can’t deny that 30 isn’t a huge milestone. I wanted to know that I was looking and feeling my best for when I crossed this point in my life. I think I achieved that goal. I had my body fat assessed again this morning and I’m down a lean 14.8% body fat.

My original goal was to be 115 pounds and 14% body fat. 

I’m now 140 pounds and 14.8% body fat.

Which is making me realize that 115 pounds is not an achievable goal. At my current body composition 119 pounds of me already is lean mass (muscle, bone, organs, etc). So now I’m reassessing my goals. I’m thinking 130 is more achievable, though it may also may be too small. Since this really can be broken down to a  science, I’ll have to take out my calculator and figure out what is a healthy goal for myself since I promised myself I wouldn’t go under 13% body fat.

— 2 years ago
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Journal Entry

Hey everyone,

So I’m feeling really proud of myself. Today I did a chest and tricep workout and it was one of those workouts where you know you just pushed a little extra harder, afterwards my arms were shaking (I love that).

Also I trained my sister who asked me to start training her. Today was her first session and I could tell that she was giving it all she had, so I was really proud of her.

I love that others are starting to want to get healthier in my family, it’s all about passing it forward and leading by example!!

— 2 years ago
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Journal entry

Hey folks,
So it’s late Friday night and I’m reflecting on this week while watching a movie, eating my pumpkin protein bars and sipping tea.
This week I’ve been feeling weaker than usual and ‘fatter’ than usual too. These are horrible thoughts. When I have these thoughts, as I’m sure I’m not alone with I have to remember to turn these thoughts into positive ones.
So here are my positive thoughts:
- I know exactly what to do, I’ve done it before and I just have to do it again
- I have a plan, now I just need to stick to it
- even though I had a minor slip up these last few weeks, a few weeks is nothing in the big picture and so long as I learn and move on than my mistakes do not matter
- relate to the last point, mistakes just mean you’re trying!
Stick to it!!

So that’s it. Tomorrow I’m going to reasses myself and see where I really am so I know how far I am from my goals. Let’s make this an awesome week!


— 2 years ago
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Journal Entry

Hello all,

So it’s been way too long. I disappeared for a while because I started a new job that required a lot of traveling. I have to say I’ve been doing my best to stick to my diet and workout plan, but alas it went down the tubes a bit…… I know my priorities though and I quit that job. I’ve got a new one that I’m starting next week. So excited because the hours are perfect and I should also be able to start training too!! I’m looking into certification courses and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

As for how I am doing, I’m great. This week I’ve been so good on track, I lost 2 pounds, and did the combat class at Goodlife with a friend which was amazing, my eyelids were even sweating!

Also I’ve been trying more recipes, so I’ll have to share some new recipes soon!!! 

— 2 years ago
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journal entry

Hey folks,

As some of you may or may not know I’ve recently started a new job. With this new job I find that I am out a lot more, travelling, all sorts of wonderful things, but because I’m not sitting at a job I’ve found my diet starting to slip.

Change is scary and hard, but we all do need to jump in and take risks sometimes. I’m of course talking about any kind of change, job, relationships, fitness,etc, it’s always going to be scary and it’s always going to take an adjustment period.

The type of personality I am needs to feel prepared in order to do well. My new goal this week is to find that balance between work and health again. Both are important, I can’t let one slip in order to do well at the other.

After this week I’ll be starting phase 2 of the Jamie Eason program again, I really want to get it right, so I’ll be taking this week to work on my work-fitness balance.

Always working on being better and stronger!

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Journal Entry

Bonjour mes amis,

So today I realized is exactly six months since I started my awesome healthy lifestyle. Got me feeling insanely proud. I will definitley be sharing a recap of progress photos on the weekend and working out extra hard for the rest of the  week to celebrate.

Can’t wait for my 1 year mark, where I’ll be celebrating what I’m calling my re-birthday by throwing a re-birthday party for myself. haha.

I always think of the Mad Hatter when I say re-birthday, but no it’s not the same as a merry un-birthday, it’s my re-birthday. The day I decided to take control of my life and become the person I always saw myself as in my head, the day I was re-born.

— 2 years ago
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Your body - the control freak

Hey guys its been a while since I have had a chance to write a blog post.
I’m coming up to my six month mark (on April 3) and I really feel like, while I still have my bad days for food, I overall feel I’ve got a really good grasp on what a healthy diet plan is and an understanding what my body needs.

I was talking about this with a couple girlfriends and the way I explained it to them is this:

To understand your body you have to think of your body as separate from yourself. Your body is such a control freak - really. It doesn’t trust you to give it enough food and nutrients to live off of, and really why should it? Most of us allow our bodies to get to a point of starvation before eating, we are not even able to feel the difference between hunger, thirst, and starvation, waiting until we are starving before eating. You certainly can live like this, but understand that your body - the control freak isn’t going to trust you. Without trust it will start to store fat for times of desperate measures. If it stores this fat it is ensuring that the next time you get to a point of starvation it will be able to survive, after all it takes energy for your heart to pump and we get our energy from fuel/food we eat.

Often when people start to try to lose weight (often to get rid of these pockets of fat our bodies have stored for times of desperate measures) they will start calorie counting and cutting back, not understanding that counting calories is not going to control this control freak that is working separate of what you want it to do.

As a result calorie counting and dieting further can result is short term weight loss but will often end badly as your body will still not let go of its “emergency stash”. Instead it will slow down your metabolism to use less energy since it gets energy less often to burn off. When you eventually get tired of dieting and start eating the way you used to your metabolism will be so slow that you will gain and store even more than before.

Remember this control freak is in charge- not you!

The you that thinks needs to work with the control freak, how do you do this?
Easy, RESPECT the control freak!! You have to show your body- the control freak respect before it will start to trust you again and let go of its emergency fat storages.

Here is how you win over the control freak’s trust:

-Your body needs to know its getting food and nutrients regularly before it will trust you. Do this by eating every 3 hours, set an alarm if you have to, but keep to this schedule, it’s important!
Think of getting lots of natural foods so you’re eating more food for less calories and fats as compared to before.
-Drink lots of water, most people don’t drink enough water and are constantly dehydrated. You’re metabolism will have to start working faster if you drink water all day. I focus on getting minimum 3L a day, maximum 4L.
-Gets lots of sleep, the control freak does most of its work while youre sleeping, so give it it’s time - none of us like being rushed while we are working!
-When eating/preparing food try to use as many whole natural ingredients as possible, this is easier for your body to breakdown and use efficiently. It’s like using premium gas in a car that needs premium gas, it just runs better!
-Stick with it! It’s going to take time for the control freak to trust you and let go of the fat stores, so give it time. It’s like a person you’ve done something wrong to, it takes time for them to trust you again. Just keep trying, it will come around and let go.
-Also, don’t forget to be active! Activity will work off this fat, get the heart pumping, build muscle, boost your metabolism, etc. there are so many benefits!

That’s it. Respecting your body is the only way to give way to the control freak and re-gain its trust. It’s like any other relationship, there needs to be respect and trust in order for it work.

-Liane Bergen

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Journal Entry - 1 week into the Jamie Eason live trainer program

Hey all, it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to share what is going on with me. As you know, I was mentioning a week ago that I was about to start the 12 week Jamie Eason Live trainer program.

These are my photos from 1 week completed. I gotta say, so far I am liking what I am seeing. But besides that the program is awesome. I have to admit, it feels so easy that you feel like you’re not working hard enough. 

The program is way more food and water than I was previously eating with my former trainer’s program and I am loving it. My protein servings have gone from 4.5 oz to 6oz a serving and you can also supposed to eat carbs/starches with each meal (proper serving sizes of course).

The 12 weeks is broken up into 3 phases. The first is the building muscle phase, so there is no cardio, just resistance training.

I’ll keep you up to date as I go through the phases but so far I have to say, with all the food you are allowed this plan does seem like something you could realistically maintain as a life style, which is what Jamie Eason herself is proof of.

For more information go to:

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Journal Entry

Woke up feeling awful that last night I had a slip up and ate some Chinese Food, not as much as I would have in the past and no breaded stuff but still. 

I am feeling re-focused now though, and on the bright side - I’m about to start the Jamie Eason Live trainer on Monday so I’m going to have a slip up at least it happened now. Not that I want slip ups to happen…

Today I’m working out with my pal Rina who’s going to kick my ass, or back and biceps actually. And then I’ve got to go grocery shopping to prepare for Monday’s start day of my new 12 week program. So excited!

— 2 years ago
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Journal Entry

Today I was looking at a girl’s facebook page that had also done the livefit program that I’m about to start on Monday.

She had on there a letter. This letter was a letter of empowerment that she wrote to herself. Her strong self wrote herself a letter for times when she is feeling weak. I read it (it was long) but it was so understanding and heartfelt, but most importantly motivating. I thought, ‘what  a great idea!’.

This weekend one of my projects is going to be to write myself a letter. I anticipate that I will have moments of weakness on this program, especially in phase 3 so I am going to write this letter and make an inspiration board for myself.

These motivating tools are a gift to myself. What gifts will you prepare for yourself in moments of weakness?

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Journal Entry

Good morning all, I woke up feeling fantastic today. See me above? That’s me feeling fantastic, LOL.

Last night I did the hot yoga flow class, which is 90 minutes long. I’ve been going every Tuesday for the last few weeks and I love it. Last nights class was especially good! I love it cause this instructor, she offers instruction on making the moves more advanced if you feel ready for that - which I haven’t always experienced in other hot yoga classes.

Today at the gym was my leg day, which I love cause my lower body is my problem area so every time I do legs I really try to push it.

Then when I got to work I just felt great from a great workout. I feel alert, I feel like I’m glowing, and I took this picture to put with this post and noticed that my arms and shoulders are looking pretty buff! (Even showing my awesome vein in my shoulder in this webcam photo - I love vascular looking hard bodies and I’m thrilled at any sign of my body starting to go that way).

I decided also that I’m ready to shake things up in terms of fitness routine and even tweak my diet plan. So starting Monday I’ll be starting the Jamie Eason Live fit 12 week program. I’m looking forward to it because I’ve seen others get great results with the program! This weekend I’ll be recording my current weight, measurements and photographing myself as the start position for this program and I’ll keep you all up to speed on my progress during this program.

-Peace out

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Journal Entry

Hey guys,

I haven’t written a journal entry in a while. Lots has been happening with me. At times I’ve been feeling like I’m standing on the edge of a building, I’m about to jump, I’m excited but I can’t decide if this jump is a leap or a fall.

As I have these thoughts I have to remind myself that I’m just anxious because everyone gets nervous when things are changing.

I’m approaching my 6 months of living a healthy lifestyle goal, which is great, but I’ve decided to try doing this without a trainer. It’s been harder than I thought it would be  - mostly I think because there has been recently a lot of changes and struggles in our family. Nothing to do with me, but still it effects you when you worry about other people. Loss of sleep and stress in what I am experiencing, the rest I will leave off of the internet.

The other thing has been that I’m changing jobs. As of this Friday I’ll be leaving the position that I’ve become very comfortable with as a graphic designer. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good change and it is me that is leaving, but still I’m nervous for what is to come. My 30th birthday is coming up and it’s not an easy feeling to be 30 and changing careers.

Although I have to say I am proud that I got this far. This month I have not lost too much weight, but I also haven’t gained, in fact last week I lost a whole 2 inches off my hips and bum area! So at least I know that I am able to keep this up even if it doesn’t always show on the scale. It will show I’m sure, sooner or later, I just gotta keep it up.

Anyways, that is what is new with me! Can’t wait to go watch the Manitoba fitness competitions on March 17th and I am looking forward to starting my new job and to celebrating my 6 months complete of this lifestyle! Have a great day!

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The key to winning is remaining positive and focused!

I was going to make a whole post with this statement in mind - but it pretty much says it all right there.

Have a lovely weekend and remember to make your supporters and yourself proud!

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Yoga Tuesdays

Feeling so strong today - I love it!!!

I’m also so tight in my chest, back and arms. I’m really looking forward to my hot yoga tonight - yoga it the best part about Tuesdays!

— 2 years ago
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My sixth month of healthy living I’ll be doing on my own without a trainer.

Going to prove I’ve learned what I can and I’m motivated, ready and capable of doing this on my own!

Thanks for all the knowledge Julie and for encouraging me to do this on my own, You’re a great inspiration and trainer who helps people help themselves - the way a real trainer and motivator should be!

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